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Your support saves the littlest lives!

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Ollie wouldn’t have survived without urgent care.

You see, he had been born with a birth defect called pectus excavatum, or "funnel chest". When he came to us at just 2-weeks old, he was already gasping for breath because his ribs, which would normally be round, had instead developed into a pancake shape that compressed his lungs and other organs.

Will you help give urgent, lifesaving care to kittens like Ollie?

Our Nursery is an Intensive Care Unit for the youngest, sickest, and most injured kittens so we immediately got to work giving him everything he needed to have the best chance, including:

✅ An incubator to help stabilize his body temperature

✅ Supplemented oxygen so he wouldn’t have to struggle so hard to breathe

✅ Antibiotics to help heal an infection

✅ Tube feeding since his compressed lungs made it hard for him to breathe while nursing from a bottle

✅ X-rays of his chest, which helped develop a long term care plan

✅ LOTS of physical therapy to help re-form his ribcage

Yes, you read that right! Several times a day, we massaged Ollie’s ribs in hopes of coaxing them into a shape that would better accommodate his lungs and other organs. And because he was so young and had malleable bones, it worked!

Despite the odds stacked against him, Ollie made a full recovery and was adopted in August! The physical therapy worked so well that he didn’t even need surgery!

Ollie never would have stood a chance without generous donors who stepped up to support his around-the-clock intensive care

Did you know that around 70% of the kittens we help each year are newborn and/or severely injured or ill when they arrive? To them, we are literally a lifeline – and we can’t save them without your support. We spend $156.73 to give medical care to each healthy, strong kitten. For kittens like Ollie, it can cost many times that to save their lives.

Please give your most generous gift today so the youngest and most vulnerable kittens get a chance to know love and kindness.

Don’t you believe they deserve that?

Thank you for your compassion and commitment to saving lives. Your partnership means everything to us and kittens like Ollie. You’re a hero!